EWMA 2018

June 26, 2018

WMAI is a member of the co-operating organisations council of EWMA. This means we send a representative to the EWMA meeting every year. This year the EWMA conference was held in Krakow, Poland and WMAI was represented by Pauline Wilson. The theme of this yeas conference was New frontiers in wound management. During the meeting there were a large number of presenations and updates of clinical practice as well as  numerous  research presentation. Ireland was well represented in both areas of presentation with both research being presented as well as key sessions being delivered. Ireland also has 2 members on the EWMA council with both Georgina Gethin and Julie Jordan O’Brian representing our interests in EWMA. Details of the abstracts presented are available to read via the EWMA knowledge centre on the EWMA website www.ewma.org .

As a member of WMAI you are entitle to reduced membership of EWMA which now costs  only €10 per year.

During the conference EWMA presented 2 document which may be of interest to WAMI members and theres were: Advanced wound therapies in wound management and the Wound curriculum for nurses. These extensive documents are also available to download via the EWMA knowledge centre in addition to the previous publications from EWMA.

EWMA has 54  cooperating organisations across Europe as well as 17 international partner organiations , 12 other Europe wide collaborators, 2 associated organisations and 2 media partners. It is a fantastic group to be part of and an important alliance for WMAI. I encourage all members to sign up to the EWMA mailing list and their facebook page to keep up to date with woundcare advances across Europe and further afield.

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