About Us

Welcome all to the Wound Management Association of Ireland’s web site. The association was established in May 1996 by a multidisciplinary group of healthcare professionals interested in raising the profile of wound care within Ireland. 

The Wound Management Association of Ireland is a voluntary non profitable organization whose main objectives are:

  • To promote a multi-professional approach to Wound Management
  • To promote the highest standard of Wound Management through education
  • To promote research into all aspects of Wound Management
  • To disseminate reports and publications relating to the work of the association.

We hope you find the site a useful resource and a gateway to a wealth of knowledge just waiting to be explored. We welcome all comments, feedback, suggestions, further links etc.

Structure of WAMI

WMAI Regions

The Wound Management Association of Ireland (WMAI) has sub-divided the country into five regions:

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